Welcome To Gone To The Dogs - for dogs that are going places

My name is Vicky Andreoli and I love working with dogs.  I have always been passionate about dogs and have spent many years sharing my life with them and training them to be the dogs I want them to be.

I love helping people learn the skills they need to help their dogs be the dog they want them to be. 

Does your dog pull on the leash when you are walking them?  Is your dog easily distracted by other dogs or people?  Do you wish you could have a calm dog that could go out with you?  Do you wish that your dog would come back to you when you call it?

I can help you train your dog and achieve those goals.  Give me a call, text me or email and tell me what you would like to help your dog achieve.

Another service we currently provide is Boutique Homestays for Labradors, we specialise in Labradors as we know them so well.  However, we do accept bookings for other breeds as well, just contact us and ask.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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